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Earthquake KeepsakeGenerator

Utilising a live, internet-dependent data stream, the Earthquake Keepsake Generator alerts users to major seismic events by printing a “receipt” complete with information regarding location, time, and magnitude, including a visual map indicating the origin of the earthquake. The receipt functions as a memento of the event, commemorating the moment and proximity of the disaster. The object doubles as a repository for the mementos produced, thus providing the user with the opportunity to store recallable memories of otherwise fleeting, immaterial events.

The collective group of Seismic Memory Boxes proposes alternative roles for everyday objects in supporting psychological resilience around disasters (such as earthquakes). The objects function simultaneously as alert systems for seismic events, and as generators and receptacles for the memories of these events. The Seismic Memory Boxes promote emotional stability in unstable situations.


2017 - Welded steel with mixed media - 110 X 370 X 130mm

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