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2-Sweet-Sweet-Hakaraia_Te Kukune Screen_2017.jpeg

Te Kukune Screen

The Te Kukune Screen is an interior partition created for a multi-use teaching space in Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Architecture and Design. This design intervention was

conceived as an exemplification of the strategies, tools, and philosophies that shape contemporary design education and practice. The screen, constructed of folded brightly coloured

aluminium panels, reflects the spirit of innovation and emphasis on digital design tools and processes that are taught within contemporary Architecture and Design. Conceptually, the screen intends to promote cultural inclusivity and cross- disciplinarity within the learning environment through the playful transparency of the perforated pattern that is legible across the

panels. The pattern, a representation of the Māori concept Te Kukune, expresses the spark and extension of energy and potentiality that occurs in the intersection of two ideas or entities.

Collaboration between Tonya Sweet, Kevin Sweet, and David Hakaria



Installed in Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation,
Wellington, New Zealand

Powder coated aluminium and steel

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