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Techtonic Displacement_Collage_1_2014-2.jpg

Tectonic Displacement

Tectonic Displacement highlights the initial phase of the design of a house on the earthquake and storm-inflicted coast of New Zealand. The conceptual framework revolves around the investigation of the physical and psychological impacts and responses to the occurrence of seismic activity of this region. The project examines the effects of living in an unstable environment according to a multitude of relationships: on the structure of the building as an assembly, the tenuous relationship between man and environment, and the emotional stability/instability of the inhabitants. Reflecting on the archetypical symbol of home, the work evokes the tension resulting from the inherent conflicts of such an undertaking, and resulting design solutions for the physical and psychological mitigation of these conditions. This collaborative project (currently in progress) is being undertaken with my partner, Kevin Sweet.


2014 - House Model: Steel and patina - 190 x 100 x 85mm

Collages: Mixed media - 250 x 260mm

Paintings: - 900 x 250mm

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